At Richey Wellness, we use the functional wellness model to optimize wellness and treat disease. This model focuses on addressing the underlying CAUSE of the disease rather than a symptom management approach.  We recognize that each of us are unique individuals that deserve personalized care.


Esthetic Services

Elevate your natural beauty with tailored treatments that rejuvenate, define, and accentuate.




Lashes and Eyebrows:
The Gateway to Facial Radiance

Elevate the beauty of your eyes, the windows to your soul, with our exclusive lash and eyebrow treatments. Lashes, when tended to with precision and care, can dramatically enhance the depth and allure of one's gaze. Our skilled professionals, drawing on the latest techniques and finest products, ensure that each strand is treated with the meticulous attention it deserves. All our lash treatments are meticulously crafted to maintain their allure for a full two weeks.


Classic Full Set
$ 90

Experience a natural enhancement where individual lashes are meticulously applied to each of your own, creating a fuller yet elegant look.

Classic Fill
$ 50

Revitalize your lash extensions with our Classic Fill, ensuring consistent fullness and maintaining the pristine allure of your initial set.

Classic Fill
$ 50

Revitalize your lash extensions with our Classic Fill, ensuring consistent fullness and maintaining the pristine allure of your initial set.

Hybrid Full Set
$ 100

Blending the best of both worlds, our Hybrid Full Set combines individual lashes with volume fans to achieve a denser, more dynamic look that radiates sophistication.

Hybrid Fill
$ 60

Reinvigorate the balanced allure of your lashes with our Hybrid Fill, seamlessly replenishing both individual and volume fans to maintain that perfect, multidimensional look.

Volume Full Set
$ 120

Dive into unparalleled intensity with our Volume Full Set, where multi-lash fans are expertly attached to individual natural lashes, delivering a lush and captivating volume.

Volume Full
$ 80

Surrender to the tranquility of our scalp massage, a perfect interlude that not only relaxes but enhances the holistic ambiance of your facial experience.


Lash Lift
$ 60

Experience an uplifting transformation with our Lash Lift, a treatment that curls and sets your natural lashes, bestowing a brighter, more open-eyed allure without the need for extensions.

Lash Tint
$ 30

Deepen the drama with our Lash Tint, a treatment designed to enrich the color of your natural lashes, amplifying their presence and enhancing their contrast against your skin.

Lash Lift & Tint
$ 75

Unveil a redefined eye elegance with our Lash Lift and Tint, combining the curvaceous allure of a lift with the depth of a tint, offering a striking, longer-lasting visual impact without extensions or mascara.

Brow Tint
$ 30

Elevate the definition of your brows with our Brow Tint, a specialized treatment that imparts a richer shade, enhancing their natural shape and framing your face with added distinction.

Brow Wax & Tint
$ 40

Discover a dual transformation with our Brow Wax and Tint: a treatment that shapes and refines through expert waxing, followed by a tinting process that adds depth and definition, presenting perfectly contoured and colored brows.

Brow Lamination
$ 60

Embrace the art of brow perfection with our Brow Lamination, a treatment designed to straighten and set your brow hairs in a desired direction, resulting in a fuller, well-groomed, and effortlessly sleek appearance.

Facials and Skin Therapy:
The Essence of Complexion Perfection

Delve into the world of transformative skincare with our curated facial treatments, the foundation to a radiant and rejuvenated visage. Our skin, the protective shield against the elements, deserves the pinnacle of pampering and care. Through our expertly designed therapies, every pore is revitalized, revealing a smoother, more luminous complexion that speaks volumes about your inner vitality and wellness.


Go & Glo Facial: 30 min's
$ 60

Discover the allure of our 'Go and Glo Facial', a luxurious express treatment that not only delves deep to cleanse and exfoliate but also elevates your skin's natural radiance, ensuring you step out with a rejuvenated, luminous complexion ready to captivate.

Glo 2 Facial Plus Add-On's: 60 min's
$ 155

Introducing the 'Glo 2 Facial', a bespoke experience meticulously tailored to your unique skin type and desires. Every session commences with an in-depth consultation and skin analysis, ensuring a transformative journey that unveils your skin's optimal radiance and vitality. Elevate your 'Glo 2 Facial' experience with our curated add-ons, meticulously designed to complement and enhance your treatment. See your options below.

$ 30

An expert manual exfoliation technique, it works diligently to diminish the appearance of acne scars and fine lines, revealing a smoother and revitalized complexion.

Ice Gloves
$ 10

These cooling globes are the epitome of soothing care, specifically crafted to alleviate any irritation or redness, leaving your skin calm and refreshed.

Jelly Masks
$ 25

Dive into the multi-faceted benefits of our Hydro Jelly Masks. Boasting a unique jelly-like consistency, these masks hydrate, smooth, moisturize, cleanse, exfoliate, condition, and tone your skin while also working to reduce inflammation, bestowing an all-encompassing rejuvenation.

Scalp Massage
$ 15

An expert manual exfoliation technique, it works diligently to diminish the appearance of acne scars and fine lines, revealing a smoother and revitalized complexion.

Dermaplane + Glo 2 Facial: 90 min's
$ 185

Experience the pinnacle of skin refinement with our 'Dermaplane and Glo 2 Facial'. This exquisite treatment begins with a precision dermaplane to prime the skin, setting the stage for the tailored Glo 2 Facial. Expertly designed for enhanced product absorption, it diligently works to diminish fine lines, soften wrinkles, and beautifully reduce the visibility of scars, revealing a complexion that's nothing short of radiant.

Waxing Services:
The Art of Sleek and Smooth Perfection

Step into a world where every curve and contour is celebrated in its smoothest form. Our premium waxing services are more than just a treatment; they're an invitation to unveil your skin's truest, most flawless self. With precision and care, we gently remove unwanted hair, revealing a silken canvas that feels as exquisite as it looks.


Face (1 Area)
$ 15

Experience precision and care with our Facial Wax service, expertly targeting a specific area to unveil smoother, radiant skin.

Full Face
$ 30

Embrace a holistic transformation with our Full Face waxing, meticulously designed to reveal a uniformly smooth and radiant complexion.

Under Arms
$ 25

Dive into the luxury of smoothness with our Under Arms waxing, ensuring a seamless and refreshing feel with every lift of your arm.

$ 55

Confidently flaunt your silhouette with our Bikini waxing, meticulously crafted to provide a sleek and polished finish in your most intimate areas.

$ 50

Reveal a smoother, more confident you with our Back waxing service, designed to remove unwanted hair and leave your skin feeling immaculately soft.