At Richey Wellness, we use the functional wellness model to optimize wellness and treat disease. This model focuses on addressing the underlying CAUSE of the disease rather than a symptom management approach.  We recognize that each of us are unique individuals that deserve personalized care.


Our Services

Develop a therapeutic relationship with your provider to address imbalances in the body and environment that contribute to feeling unwell. We strive to optimize wellness and prevent and reverse disease.

Our weight loss strategies focus on treating the cause of the weight gain rather than fad diets that may only work temporarily.

Thyroid dysfunction can cause an array of symptoms including inability to lose weight, fatigue, mood imbalances, hair loss, cold hands and feet, brain fog, and many others. Comprehensive thyroid assessment and management is necessary to bring the body back to balance.

Hormones imbalances are not always a simple fix. Many men and women have hormonal needs that require more extensive knowledge by a practitioner who specialize in these imbalances.

Look years younger with non-invasive procedures that will help reduce the signs of aging including, wrinkle relaxers, fillers, and skin resurfacing.

Functional Medicine Therapies Can Treat the Following Health Concerns

Skin issues: Acne, psoriasis, eczema

Adrenal disorders


Mood disturbances: depression and/or fatigue

Autoimmune disease



Cardiovascular dysfunction

Chronic sinusitis

Detoxification problems

Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, insulin resistance

Digestive disorders: GERD, SIBO, Irritable bowel syndrome, Increased intestinal permeability, Celiac and Non-celiac gluten sensitivity

Disease prevention and Wellness promotion

Thyroid dysfunction: hypo/hyperthyroid, autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto’s, Grave’s)

Food/Environmental sensitives and allergies

Heavy metal toxicity

Environmental toxicity

Mold toxicity

Lyme disease

Genetic morphisms

Hormonal imbalances: Menopause, andropause, estrogen dominance, PCOS, maximize fertility, PMS




Weight gain


Sleep problems


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1) Schedule Your Consultation

  • Initial consultation appointments last a minimum of 50 minutes. More time may be needed for more complex cases. The initial appointment includes a consultation with the provider who will gather information from the patient including: intake questionnaires, presenting complaints and symptoms, in-depth history, and other information that contributes to current state of health. Based on these results, we will determine labs and additional testing needed prior to the next appointment.
  • Fill out all requested questionnaires and documents prior to arriving to consultation. If you do not have computer access, arrive 30 minutes early to appointment to complete paperwork.

2) Lab Work

  • Baseline labs will be drawn at the consultation appointment. Insurance will be filed by the lab company. There is no financial affiliation between the lab company and Richey Wellness. If patient does not have insurance, cash labs will be offered at a competitive rate.
  • Please fast for 12 hours prior to your appointment. Do not eat or drink anything but water or black coffee. You may take prescribed medication including thyroid meds.

3) Wellness Plan

  • The next appointment will be in 2-3 weeks with the provider to review the initial lab results in detail and discuss the next phase of the treatment plan. This can be a lengthy appointment depending on the complexity of the case with a minimum time of 60 minutes.

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